The first kosher sports bar, complete with burgers, steaks, wings, draft beer and cocktails. Right here in Borehamwood!

We use the best high quality kosher meet, homemade bread and toppings and the finest bottled and draft beer.

Flip Side offers only the finest burgers and an atmosphere of sport and music.





We at Flipside are always happy to provide different  functions to your specifications either it be for a Sheva brachot, Bar/ Bat mitzvah party, Birthday, Anniversary or any other exciting event we are here and have delicious menus at great prices.

We celebrate Purim and other holidays with special addition meals.

Check out our menu below, come to try and enjoy or call for delivery.


full menu


Breaded cauliflower


Deep fried breaded cauliflower served with sweet chili sauce on a bed of mixed grilled leaves (5 pieces)

Breaded mushroom


Deep fried breaded portabella mushroom served with BBQ sauce and tahini on a bed of mixed grilled leaves 

Chicken Wings


  Fried chicken wings battered in either sweet chili or BBQ sauce served on a bed of mixed grilled leaves (10 pieces)



Homemade Italian rice balls stuffed with prime beef, topped with our homemade tomato sauce and a touch of olive oil (5 pieces)

Called Moroccan cigars


Puff pastry stuffed with juicy minced beef fried onions and served with a side of tahini sauce


Chef’s Specials



Fresh homemade kebab, served with tahini sauce, our chef's salad and hot pitta

Baked egg plant


Served with tahini sauce, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, olive oil and hot pitta



Burger Wrap


Burger, lettuce, grilled tomato and fried onion, mayo, guacamole

Chicken Breast Wrap


100% grilled chicken breast, spicy mayo, lettuce, pickles and guacamole 

Schnitzel Wrap


Schnitzel, tehina sauce, guacamole, cherry tomato and pickles


Kids Menu

All junior meals served with a side of French fries

Junior Burger



Chicken Nuggets




Make it double £4.00

The classic One


Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle 


The guilty one


Lettuce, tomato, fakon and soya cheese 


The caveman


No bread! Two burgers served with a mixed salad 


The schnitzel burger


Lettuce, tomato, onion 


The chick magnet


100% grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion


The Veggie One


Soy bean burger, lettuce, tomato and guacamole


The volcano


Lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeños, grilled pepper and chili sauce 


The flipside burger


Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, fakon, soya cheese and fried egg


Health burger


Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle, whole wheat bread with grains 


The filthy guilty burger


Double mania burger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, caramelized onion, fakon, soya cheese and topped with fried egg 


The salt beef burger


Our homemade salt beef, lettuce, tomato, onion topped with pickles and glazed with mustard



Chicken Salad


100% grilled chicken breast, mixed leaves, fresh cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, carrot. Served with honey mustard vinaigrette 

Caesar Salad


100% grilled chicken or schnitzel, green lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, croutons. Served with fresh Caesar salad dressing 

Sabich Salad (Vegetarian)


Tehina sauce, fried aubergine, boiled potato, hard boiled egg, cubed tomatoes, alba sauce and parsley. Served with hot pitta 

Side Dishes

Handmade fresh French Fries


Chunky  Fries



Sweet Potato Fries


Flipside Fries


Onion Rings 


Add a little extra

Fried egg, guacamole, caramelized onion rings, fakon (fake bacon), soya cheese, Portobello mushroom, grilled pepper, jalapeños


*Extra burger



Coca cola, Coke, sprite


Spring water 


Still or sparkling prigat. Apple, grape, peach, strawberry banana




Regular coffee/ Espresso/ Macchiato


Cappuccino w/soy milk 


Espressino w/ice cream 



 Kozel Draft


Peroni Draft










After burger

All served with vanilla ice cream

Oreo cookies

Homemade cookies pressed together by vanilla ice cream topped with creamed chocolate sauce and sprinkled with cookie bits


Chocolate brownie

Hot chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with cookie bits


Apple pie

Hot apple pie served with vanilla ice cream and glazed with chocolate sauce